Mindfulness & Photography

Select Your Engagement Tier

Photo Challenges run from Monday through Sunday each week. You can add your images to that week’s folder through the end of the day on Sundays. New challenges will post to your participant dashboard every Monday.

The Guided Meditations are released in the form of audio recordings and posted to your participant dashboard on Monday of each week along with the release of the theme for that week. Each recording is available for one month for your convenience.

The Portfolio Reviews are generally held on Tuesday evenings near the end of each month. The exact upcoming dates can be found by clicking on the button for that tier. All portfolio review sessions are recorded and posted on the participant dashboard within 72 hours of the session and available for one month for those who have schedule conflicts.

Free Engagement Tier

Photo Challenge

Join Each Weekly Theme

Each week, we explore a different mindfulness theme, and participants are invited to experience these themes and express what the concept means to them by submitting a nature photograph to the challenge community. You’ll have access to the Participant Dashboard where you can log in to read the full details of each challenge.

$8.25/month (Billed at $99/year)

Guided Meditations

+ Weekly Audio Recordings

Participants in this tier can log in to their Participant Dashboard to participate in the photo challenge and also to receive a weekly audio recording customized to match the theme of the week. Experience the weekly mindfulness theme in your meditation practice and then produce your photograph for that week’s theme with a deeper and more personal understanding of each concept. New audio recording every Sunday!

Coming Soon ($195/yr)

Portfolio Reviews

+ Monthly Critique Sessions

In this tier, you get all of the benefits of the first two Tiers of Engagement plus you get invited to join a monthly online photo critique session where we’ll review a handful of submissions from each weekly theme. Feedback will include reflections on how the images best express the mindfulness concept for that week plus include feedback on photographic techniques that produce the images or could make them better.

Join us to explore how mindfulness can improve your life while getting to make new friends and new art!

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