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Each week, we’ll explore mindfulness through nature-based practices, and then we’ll each express our relationship to the concepts through a nature photograph.

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Mindfulness Photo Challenge

The Art of Mindfulness

Photo challenges are a fun and exciting way to hone your photography skills, learn new techniques, and find inspiration. At The Art of Mindfulness, we have fun with the concept of the “photo challenge” by exploring mindfulness concepts together, and then discovering our own individual voices for expressing what that concept means to each of us by making mindfulness inspired nature photos and sharing them with our community.

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This Week’s
Featured Images

Each week, we will feature four selected images here and provide a link to the full album of images submitted for the week. To submit your image, you simply need to log in to your Participant Dashboard to get started. There, you will find information about the current week’s “Mindful Photo Challenge” with instructions about the challenge and the submission process.

Week 1 Challenge

“Mindful Reflections”

This week, our participants were challenged to practice mindfulness in an outdoor setting and then find a way to “reflect” on what arose during this contemplative practice in nature. After taking some quiet time for mindful reflection, our photographers turned their lenses towards the natural world around them to make the images in this week’s Photo Challenge.

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Next Month’s Weekly Challenges

January 2024

Reminder: Images from a Challenge Theme
Can ONLY be submitted during the week of that theme!

Week #1 Mindful Reflections

This week we will explore mindful reflections in life.

Week #2 Seeing Clearly

This week we will gaze deeply upon Mindful Seeing!

Week #3 A Little Patience

Patience can be rewarded handsomely!

Week #4 Nothing's Forever

Change is one of the few certainties in life!

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